Life Support – General Advice (Electricity)

Important information if someone at your supply address requires electricity for Life Support Equipment.

You are classified as being life support dependent if you depend on any of the following equipment:
• Oxygen concentrator
• Intermittent peritoneal dialysis machine
• Kidney dialysis machine
• Chronic positive airways pressure respirator
• Crigler najjar syndrome phototherapy equipment
• Ventilator for life support

Any other equipment (powered by electricity) that a registered medical practitioner certifies is required for life support.

In order to confirm the registration of your premises as having Life Support Equipment, you are required to return the Life Support Confirmation form which includes your medical confirmation from your practitioner. Please return the approved forms within 10 business days or as soon as practically possible. You do have up to 50 business days to return the completed and signed form and if you require an extension (up to 25 business days) please contact our office.

If you have previously had the Life Support Confirmation form verified, please send us a copy of the existing form, the form must be re-validated every 2 years. Please return the completed form to:
mail: PO BOX 404 Nundah, QLD 4012

Failure to do this may result in you no longer being registered for Life Support with Meter 2 Cash Solutions or your distributor.

Planned power outages
There are times your distributor may need to interrupt the power supply so that their contractors can safely carry out essential upgrades or planned maintenance to the electricity network in your building.

We will notify you in writing a minimum of four business days before any planned interruption, giving you the date, time and duration of the scheduled interruption so you can plan around it.

Unplanned power outages
Registering as life support does not guarantee continuous uninterrupted supply as unplanned outages may occur that are outside our control. In the event of an unplanned power outage please contact your local distributor for further assistance and updates.

Distributor Faults and Emergencies Contact Number
Energex 13 19 62
Ergon Energy 13 22 96

We urge you to prepare a plan of action in case of an unexpected power outage like those caused by storms and bushfires on the electricity distribution network.

Regularly check the back-up battery of your life support equipment so it’s fully charged and ready for use at all times.

Make sure you have important information on hand such as names, addresses and telephone numbers of your doctor, the nearest hospital, a neighbour or someone nearby who is willing to assist you.

Consider also making an emergency plan with your medical professional for extended outages and emergencies.

Advise us of any changes
Your safety and well-being is always a priority for us. It is important you keep us informed of any changes to your circumstances. This includes any changes to your phone number and postal address.