METER2CASH Solutions is ENM Accredited by the AEMO


We are pleased to confirm that METER2CASH Solutions have successfully completed the accreditation process and are now officially registered with the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) as an Embedded Network Manager (ENM).

From 01 December 2017, end users within an Embedded Network now have the “Power of Choice” when it comes to their electricity retailer. This process needs to be administered by an authorised registered participant or ENM. Formal appointment is essential as regular audits will be undertaken by the Market Operator.

In order for METER2CASH Solutions (M2CENM) to undertake this role on your behalf, kindly complete the Letter of Appointment available for download on The completed form can be returned to at the earliest opportunity. The Australian Energy Regulator (AER) have provided a transition period until the 31st March to appoint.
*Please note, it is essential that the wiring diagrams for the Network are also submitted as these need to be stored and made available upon churn.

METER2CASH Solutions are not looking to generate additional income from this appointment and therefore, have included it into our billing administration services at no additional cost to our clients. Only upon a resident/owner electing to engage an alternative retailer (churn), will a minimal fee be applied to administer the process. In addition to the formal appointment letter, METER2CASH Solutions have generated a new billing agreement with this updated role included. Upon receipt of formal appointment, a new billing administration contract will be issued to cover this additional service. All current charges and terms will remain in place.