METER2CASH Solutions work extensively with Queensland’s leading developers to implement the best possible meter provision and asset management strategies. Our focus is to provide the most reliable and cost effective metering and billing solutions whilst recovering cost of the investment and remaining competitive with industry comparisons. METER2CASH Solutions are about establishing and monitoring long term relationships with developers to allow the increased return on the investment.

Key savings and advantages of using METER2CASH Solutions for your metering and utility billing are:

  • Cost Neutral Billing and Metering Provision
  • Reduced kWh rate
  • Reduced Service Fees

Meter Provision
METER2CASH Solutions provides meters to developers at competitive industry prices. As of 1 July 2015 recent changes to align with the National Rules set by the Australian Energy Regulator (AER) have changed how some metering services are charged. Previously the provision of metering costs were shared amongst all customers but now it is a user pays system.

METER2CASH Solutions can assist with your metering solution under an embedded network, contact us to discuss your billing options and save on metering costs.

Clients/Strata Management Proposal

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